Horus – our first tripod!

We just adopted our first tripod, a 5-year old cat we named Horus. I chose him to serve as my husband’s emotional support animal as he is a new amputee himself. The idea was to not only give him someone he could commiserate with, but who could teach him that an amputation isn’t a disability at all, it’s just different (& no less beautiful).

The boys hit it off immediately! When the home care nurse arrives, Horus is right there next to my husband. It’s like he knows & understands. My husband’s outlook has gotten much brighter & he’s more open to discussing his recent surgeries.

Horus loves to curl up in his lap & keep him company while he plays X-box. He also loves to romp with our other two cats…and being a tripod does not slow him down one bit! I have to admit, my first impression was that our tripod was fragile, that I wouldn’t be able to pick him up like our other cats. I was wrong!

I’m glad to have found your group & I look forward to learning more about tripods’ special needs. Every bit of information will help us give Horus a long, happy & healthy life with us!

7 thoughts on “Horus – our first tripod!”

  1. What a beautiful story! Sounds like Horus is a great match. Good luck and there is so much good info on this website.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I look forward to learning more about tripod care & sharing stories with other families. We haven’t had Horus long but seriously, I think those of us who have a tripod in our lives are the lucky ones!

  2. Wow, that is just incredibly inspiring!! I love that old fashioned name by the way! If you have a chance i would love to hear both of their stories. I work at a VA hospital so we have quite a few amputees that come in. I admire your commitment not only to show your husband that life is still good, but to save another life to prove your point is just… Wow ❤️
    Jackie and Huckleberry ❤️

    1. I would love to share their stories, especially if it can help others in similar situations. My husband, Jim, is a diabetic who developed necrotizing fasciitis & lost most of his foot. It’s a long road to recovery. He’s non-weight bearing, cannot drive himself, etc. He took all this hard. He was unable to speak to his doctors or nurse about his injury & he didn’t want anyone around when the dressing was being changed (he couldn’t look at it himself). He’s not the type of person who will open up to a human counselor either. I was really worried he was becoming suicidal as he said some things about life being over that scared me. Nothing I could do cheered him up or did anything to change his outlook.

      Horus on the other hand, was an abused tomcat who’s original “owner” just threw him out into the street after he suffered some horrible accident which left him with his rear leg bone jutting out through the skin. The leg “healed” with the bone sticking out & that’s how he lived for over a year until someone trapped him & gave him to a rescue. Obviously the leg couldn’t be saved so they had it amputated & the lady who trapped him, agreed to foster him through his healing process.

      My friend/co-worker/fellow cat lover volunteers her time with this group & knew of Horus. Tons of people would swoon over how cute & sweet he was, but all had excuses why not to adopt him. Gingerly, Paula told me about him – doing her best to tell me with best intentions in mind, and not to offend Jim. I thought what a perfect match!! They’ve become real fast friends.

      Our other two cats are really bonded to me so it warms my heart further knowing he’s got a snuggle buddy of his own. Horus is such a cool dude, too. Great personality – he just owns it. I think a lot of people can learn from tripods that losing a limb is ok. Life is too precious.

  3. Oh yes it is and that is just an amazing story 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, there is nothing like the love of a furbaby, and when you rescue them like that and give them a chance at life you get an unconditional love that will never be broken. Kudos and hugs to you and all of your family, look forward following your story!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  4. What a story! Horus is such a lucky kitteh, he really won the kitty lotto by having you adopt him. THANK YOU!

    We are so glad you decided to join and start a blog. That way more people will know that Tripawd cats make great companions too. Can’t wait to see some photos!

  5. Beautiful story. I love how tripawds know how to show compassion and care for others. My tripawd Mona wants nothing to do with my other cat but at the vet clinic she lays on him when he cries and gives him comfort (or terrifies him). Have fun with Horus and I look forward to photos.

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